Laura (laurapre) wrote,

Gerbil news!!

It's been a while ago I wrote here, and there is a lot happened between.
Sjors wasn't feeling very well and we decided to amputate is leg. This morning he went to the vet and it was very nerve breaking because he is that old and than the anestetic is difficult. But.... he made it trough and is awake and healthy!! He is back at home and I will take care of him so he will be oke.


Other gerbil news, my male gerbil who will go live togheter with Mileena is at home. But Mileena was very rude to Diego (that's how I named him). I had to seperate them, they are in a split cage till monday, than I will start over again and I hope they will get along than!

This is Diego:

But... I have two more gerbils at home, to very cute little brothers. I have brought them togheter with Sibe (the one that hurted Sjors) and the matching went very quick and very good! They are sweet for eachother and suddenly Sibe is a real cute gerbil! Sibe and one of the brothers will be sold, next week they will be picked up by nice people. The other brother will stay here and will go live with Sjors, when he is felling better.

Picture of the happy trio ^_^
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