Laura (laurapre) wrote,

My Gerbils - UPDATE

When I wasn't around here, there are a lot of things changed with the gerbils. As you know, both Sjors and Sjimmie are dead, luckilly there aren't other dead gerbils any more.
But you all know Spooky, right? The gerbil male who lived with Sjors? He has got a new male friend and I sold him to a very good owner. I know here and she sends me pictures so now and then and she keeps me updated about them.

Mileena and Diego are seperated, they have had a lot of childeren, now it is time for Mileena to rest. She stays with a beautiful daughter at my place. Diego has got a new girlfriend, and she is already pregnant for the first time, I wonder when te little ones will be born!

Here is a picture of Diego:

And this is Duena (pregnant at this photo!):

And a nice picture of them togheter:

Then there are 4 more lovebirds: Kendal & Senna / Kelly & Kiran. I will introduce them to you next time!

Have a nice day!!
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