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I was affraid of planes already.....


I don't like planes, I think it is dangerous because they can crash. My boyfriend told me it is more dangerous driving a car then sitting in a plane. He is right, so I have been flying two times. Today there has been a dissaster with a plane wich made me think again that planes are dangerous!!!!!

Nearby Schiphol Airport, (Amsterdam), crashed a plane from turkey this morning 10:31 Dutch time.
It was a plane from Turkish Airline that was recently checked and seemed oke. The engine must have stopped, because it felt down from the air like it had no speed at all. The plane broke in three peaces. There are 9 people killed, 86 people injured. From this 86 injured people are 6 people extremely injured, they don't know if the will make it. From the 86 are 25 people very bad injured, 24 people are less injured but injured. There were 137 people in the plane, the rest of the people didn't had injuries.

But if it was me, I'll be affraid for the rest of my life!!!!!

Brrrrrrrr :S :S

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