Laura (laurapre) wrote,

My new gerbil

My new gerbil man is at home since yesterday. I have put both gerbils, Sjors and the new one without a name yet, in a split cage. They seemed very nice to eachother and didn't bite at all. Bur after a few hours suddenly I heard noise and then I saw Sjors with his nose open :( he was bleeding a little but he looks fine after all. It has to heal, it just takes some time. I change them from site every couple of hours and hopfully this wednesday I can start matching them!

Does anyone know a nice name for the new gerbil male, that sounds great togheter with Sjors????

Here is a picture of the new gerbil, and also one with the two in the beginning:

This is the new one

The temporary (little) split cage

The two of them togheter when they were still gentle ^_^

And poor Sjors with is hurting nose, I took the picture too close hehe ;)
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