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New gerbil

Hi there,

Tomorrow I'm going to Breda in Holland to pick up a new gerbil. He will be the new friend of Sjors. The first week they will spend in a splitted cage to get used to eachother. After a week I wil start the matching with the two!
Tmorrow I will make some pictures of the new male gerbil!

5 October I can pick up my other new gerbil male. The male who will stay with Mileena and have some young once a couple of times, I am excited about it!!!

Her is a picture of him, it is the one who on the left who's sitting on the black gerbil, cute isn't he?! :D


I also want to tell you that I have done my first night shift at work last night. I had to work from 15:00 till 0:00 hour and than sleep and start over from 07:00 till 10:00 hour. I haven't slept much, I was awake all the time because some Clients went out of bed all night :S :S
But.... I had a very good time at work, and that is the most important thing!!
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